You already know that a probiotic is crucial for digestive health, immune function, and much more, but did you know that all probiotics are NOT equal? You see, probiotics must be ALIVE in order to get the most significant health benefits, but did you know that a substantial number of conventional probiotics are DEAD before you take them due to poor manufacturing practices and storage conditions?

On top of that, did you know a significant amount of the probiotics that do survive will be KILLED off in your stomach? In other words, most conventional probiotics never make it to the gut—where you need them most.

When it comes to choosing the best probiotic supplement, there are other important questions to ask. How potent is your probiotic? Does your probiotic contain multiple super strains? Does your probiotic contain PREbiotics?

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with inferior products that contain dead probiotics, and that’s why we’re excited to introduce you to Pro-X10, which is a best-in-class probiotic that sets the bar for QUALITY and VALUE.

It is formulated with the patented, scientifically-validated Microencapsulation Technology™. This technology suspends these fragile probiotics in a lipid matrix to protect them from oxygen, light, acids, and bile. All while helping to deliver more of these best-in-class probiotics to where they need to be, alive, to help you achieve that ever important gut balance.

Pro-X10 includes SIX “super strains,” which help ward off bad bacteria, rebalance the gut, enhance digestion, and support healthy immune system function. *Even more, Pro-X10 contains PreforPro, a unique prebiotic that enhances the growth of beneficial bacteria and supports a healthy balance of gut bacteria.

And just like all products from BioTrust, with Pro-X10, you’re backed by our unconditional 1 year, 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. So, if you're ready to support a healthy balance of gut bacteria, simply add Pro-X10 to your cart!

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